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DISCLAIMER:- We have become aware of the fraudulent issuance of job offer letters, misusing our company name. This is a fraud that involves criminals, who are using our name to contact jobseekers with fictitious job opportunities. They have created and used non-company email id such as Gmail, and duping the innocent and unsuspecting jobseekers of large sums of money. Please be advised that K-Line Ship Management (India, Singapore and Tokyo), and its bona-fide manning partners K-Steamship Agencies, never charge money to seafarers for recruitment services. If you suspect that you have been contacted by these criminals, do not provide any personal information, documentation or money. All seafarers interested in employment with KLSM should ensure that they establish direct contact with us, or with our bona-fide manning partners.
KLSM 15B Seminar held in Mumbai on 19th & 20th of November 2015
KLSM 15A Seminar held in Chennai on 13 & 14 of July 2015
KLSM 14B Seminar held in Mumbai on 19 & 20 November 2014
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Proud Achievement: MLC 2006 Certification
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KLSM Mumbai KKK President Mr Jiro Asakura Visits On Dussera Day The President of K-Line (KKK, Japan), 06/Oct/2011
The third and last of 2011 series of "Quality Improvement Session" ( or Mini-Seminar ) with Senior Officers from KLSM Pool was held at Mumbai 06/Sept/2011
Having held the first edition of 2011 "Quality Improvement Session" ( or Mini-Seminar ) with Senior Officers from KLSM Pool at Chennai in May, 26/July/2011
The first edition of 2011 "Quality Improvement Session" ( or Mini-Seminar ) with Senior Officers from KLSM Pool was organized at Chennai on 24/May/2011.
The second "Senior Officers Quality Improvement Sessions" cum social gathering was held for Western region of India on July 26, 2010
The first "KLSM Mini Seminar" was held for South India region on May 22, 2010
KLSM 9th Seminar held in Mumbai, 4th & 5th November '09
Panama Consul General Mr. Julio Guardia paid a courtesy visit to KLSM Mumbai office on 1st August 2009.
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To rise rapidly above the safety & quality standards of the industry is the call of the hour KLSM President Mr. S Maeda (2007)
"K" Line Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai is proud to announce that we are now an ISO certified company since 27th August 2007.
First branch office in Chennai "K" Line Ship Management Company (India) Pvt Limited (KLSM India) is steaming full ahead and spreading its wings in to reach areas beyond the shores of Mumbai.

K-Line Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd was established on 08/March/2007 as a 100% owned subsidiary of “K”-Line Ship Management Co.,Ltd, Tokyo (KLSM Tokyo). The KLSM Tokyo has had , and continues to have a committed relationship with Indian Seafarers, who have been employed on board their vessels since 1997, through a separate agreement with Manning Agents In India.

KLSM (India), as we are popularly known amongst our staff, was nurtured before it’s birth, as a Liaison Office of it’s parent KLSM Tokyo, between 2004 and 2007. The status of “Mumbai Liaison Office” (as it was known those days) was upgraded into a Fully Owned Subsidiary of KLSM Tokyo, and aptly christened as “K”-Line Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd. The operations under the new identity started w.e.f 01/May/2007 under the leadership of it’s CEO & MD Capt Takehiko Ibusuki, assisted by a staff strength of 13 (as on date). Having started from Mumbai, KLSM India increased it’s presence by establishing a Branch Office in Chennai, in order to be closer to the Seafarers from the southern region. The KLSM India, Chennai Branch started functioning from 07/August/2008.

The parent company, KLSM Tokyo, have appointed Manning Agents in India for Recruitment & Placement of Indian Seafarers, namely m/s “K” Steamship Agencies Pvt Ltd (Popularly called “KSMS”).

At present, there are 18 vessels with Indian Command, with varying number of Indian Officers & Ratings serving with KLSM. In total, KLSM Tokyo is employing 316 Officers, 121 Ratings, and 126 Trainees ( as on 01/Jul/2012 ) on board their diversified fleet of Post-Panamax Container Ships, Aframax Tankers, VLCC’s, and LPG Carriers. Management of all types of vessels has been our forte, and we have been continuously expanding and upgrading for a number of years until early 2012. It is only during the last few months that the pains of global economic conditions have put the expansion on a pause mode.

The hiring and training of our staff is done professionally, and the selection of our future generation of Managers, is at the level of Deck Cadets & Junior Engineers, who are selected through a rigorous On-Campus selection procedure, from the renowned training institutes like Tolani Maritime Institute, Training Ship Rahman, VELS, AMET, and Cochin Shipyard.

KLSM (India) plays an important role in overall manning situation of KLSM Tokyo & KLSM Singapore (another subsidiary of KLSM Tokyo), concerning Indian Seafarers, by ensuring that the pool officers are properly qualified and geared up to meet the demands of modern day shipping. In-house skill development training is provided by the experienced faculty at “K”-Line Maritime Academy (India), popularly known as KLMA (India). And, we at KLSM (India) are focused on the job of ensuring skillful seafarers to the vessels managed by KLSM Tokyo, and on the job to ensure that those seafarers and their families are well taken care of, while the seafarers are working on board the vessels – a “Win-Win” situation for all stakeholders.

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