K Line Ship Management (India)
DISCLAIMER:- We have become aware of the fraudulent issuance of job offer letters, misusing our company name. This is a fraud that involves criminals, who are using our name to contact jobseekers with fictitious job opportunities. They have created and used non-company email id such as Gmail, and duping the innocent and unsuspecting jobseekers of large sums of money. Please be advised that K-Line Ship Management (India, Singapore and Tokyo), and its bona-fide manning partners K-Steamship Agencies, never charge money to seafarers for recruitment services. If you suspect that you have been contacted by these criminals, do not provide any personal information, documentation or money. All seafarers interested in employment with KLSM should ensure that they establish direct contact with us, or with our bona-fide manning partners.
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Engine-Room-Simulator Engine-Control-Room-Simulator ME-Control-stand-Simulator-(ERS)
Engine Room Simulator Engine Control Room Simulator ME Control stand Simulator (ERS)
Ship-Manouevering-Simulator SMS-Simulator-Controls SMS-Simulator-Operator-control-station
Ship Manouevering Simulator SMS Simulator Controls SMS Simulator Operator control station
Float-type-level-indicator--and-Hi-Hi-alarm-unit Hydraulics-simulation-unit Auto-Unloading-System-Simulator
Float type level indicator and Hi Hi alarm unit Hydraulics simulation unit Auto Unloading System Simulator
Boiler-combustion-control-Simulator Main-engine-remote-control-Simulator Main-Engine-remote-control-panel
Boiler combustion control Simulator Main engine remote control Simulator Main Engine remote control panel
Refregerated-container-for-Practical-training LCHS-(Gas,-Oil-&LPG)-Simulator-(CBT) Electrical-and-Electronic-Course-panel
Refregerated container for Practical training LCHS (Gas, Oil & LPG) Simulator (CBT) Electrical and Electronic Course panel
Electronics-PLC-controller-panel Real-danger-sensing-course-Equipment Real-danger-sensing-course-Equipment02
Electronics PLC controller panel Real danger sensing course Equipment Real danger sensing course Equipment
Pilot-valves-Position-indicator-and-Zener-barrier ERS-Course-in-progress De-briefing-session
Pilot valves Position indicator and Zener barrier ERS Course in progress De briefing session
Classroom Equipments-in-workshop Air-circuit-breaker-and-miscellaneous-equipments
Classroom Equipments in workshop Air circuit breaker and miscellaneous equipments
Lectures Fault-finding Fault-finding02
Lectures Fault finding Fault finding
Training-session Training-session02  
Training-session Training-session  
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